Gold standard of 95%
landfill diversion

  • We bring all waste and rubbish to licensed commercial recycling facilities.
  • We diligently separate all of the waste that we collect, allowing us to sort and transport them to the correct recycling facilities and diverting them from landfills.
  • We log all of our disposals, and provide customers with a scanned tipping receipt so that we can ensure a robust waste audit trail for every job that we do
  • The result? 95% of what we collect avoids the landfill

Our collection service boasts a lower carbon footprint

  • Man & van collection is better than skip hire for many reasons
  • Our services are cheaper than skip hire
  • City Waste’s collection services are better for the environment than skip hire
  • We only need one visit to complete our collection services, while hiring a skip requires at least 2 visits – 1 to deliver, and 1 to collect
  • The lorries that transport skips create more pollution than our tipper trucks

Your trash can be someone else’s treasure

  • City Waste works with an extensive network of organisations that re-use household items, keeping them in use and out of the landfill. We donate all usable furniture, electrical items, books, and clothes in order to do our part for the environment and help people whenever possible.

Awards & Accreditations