An overgrown garden clearance – breeding house of problems

For whatever reason is any piece of property vacated, its garden needs to well taken care of in order to avoid any issues regarding vandalism and fly tipping. An overgrown garden will over a period of time become the breeding ground of different kinds of harmful mosquitoes and insects. The house’s garden will also have a detrimental effect on the value of the house. It is not a pretty sight for the viewer and leaving it out in the open will only reduce the chances of making sure it gets the price that it deserves.

Whether you wish to move back in after sometime or give it away for sale or dispose the property off in any other way, a garden left carelessly will only cause problems for the owners of the property. Also an unkempt garden implies that the house is empty and will invite unnecessary attention.

Landscaping and Garden clearances:

When it comes to gardens, these terms go hand in hand. Making your garden worth looking at is our task once we takeover. Our services like waste removal also include taking care of all kinds of clearance from the garden as well. Trimming, cutting, watering, repairing the walls and fences as well as landscaping of the entire garden will be included in our services. If instructed by you, we can also perform the additional task of managing the garden on later occasions as well. This is undertaken by us with the sole purpose of satisfying our consumers and ensuring that they leave us with a promise to come back.