Domestic Bulky Waste

Bulky waste is inclusive of all kinds of household furnishings, mattresses, appliances, all kinds of equipment- lawn or bed, garbage rollout cart or yard waste etc. Our company provides services with regard to bulky waste.

We provide these services in lieu of providing our customers with tailor-made and customized services so as to satisfy them as far as possible.

Guiding principles on how to prepare bulky waste for collection:

The scheduled day for collection will be set for you and you will be informed accordingly. Kindly make sure that all the stuff that is to be cleared is ready for having it picked up. Make sure that each of the items is placed at least three feet distance from each other as well as from all the other items and obstacles such as phone poles, vehicles, mail boxes etc.

Disposal of collected bulky waste:

Once the bulky waste is collected by us, there is an implied responsibility on us to have it disposed well. If you wish, you can also direct us for having the waste disposed in accordance with your wishes and demands.

In the desperate need for catering to the needs of our environment, we will ensure that same is taken care of by disposing off whatever we can via eco-friendly methods.

It has to be us

Out of the multiple options that are available to you have at your disposal, we will ensure that you leave us utmost satisfied and come back if ever the need be.