Office Clearance London

With garbage posing a threat to the environment it has become a necessity to put a leash on the generation of garbage and to clear it efficiently. Among all the garbage generated throughout the city of London office waste is a significant one. The bulk of Office waste consists of waste paper. There is also some electronic waste such as defunct computer monitors, scanners, fax machines, printers, USB drives etc.

Office clearance

Most of the offices need a regular office clearance to get rid of the piling up rubbish. We clear all kinds of office waste and dispose them according to laid down norms.

For paper waste we strive to recycle as much of it as is possible. In fact most of it is possible to be recycled to produce new paper boxes, cartons and other items.

Toxic waste

A significant part of office waste consists of defunct electronic and electrical items. These items need to be dealt with in accordance with the WEEE norms which state that at least 4 kg of material should be recovered per person per year from such material. We stick to the guidelines.

Permanent deletion of records

When you are throwing away your old computer hard disk, USB drives or other storage unit you should always delete the data in them permanently lest they should be recovered by unscrupulous elements and company secrets are infringed upon. We help companies in erasing all the information in defunct storage media permanently so that information can, in no way, be recovered. There are advanced methods and software for such work, and we have manpower trained in such permanent data destruction.

Hazardous material

If you have hazardous waste coming out of your office you can give us a call too. We also clear such waste. Our workers are trained and experienced in handling hazardous material. The also have adequate gear and protection for that.