What Is Solid Waste Management

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All human activities, be it production, manufacturing or even providing a service leads to a waste. The by-product of any human activity is a waste after the useful output has been procured. Sometimes, these junk are useful and sometimes it can have hazardous effect for the environment. It therefore becomes impertinent to manage the waste and discard it in a proper manner so that it does not adversely impact the environment.

Solid waste management refers to the classification of waste in proper manner starting with domestic and industrial, bio-medical, nuclear and hazardous waste. This classification is important since it will determine how the waste needs to be disposed of. Like E-waste is high in lead content and needs to be reused as much as possible. Once you have the waste, you should discard it in a manner appropriate to the country’s norms and rules and ensure that it does not impact the environment, people and local ecological balances.

Solid waste management aims to ensure reduction in waste produced, reuse the waste as much as possible, and recycle what can be recycled. For example, the kitchen waste can be made into manure through use of compost pits or used for landfills; plastic waste can be sent to industries for recycling to make plastic things etc. However, it is critical to understand that medical, nuclear and e-waste needs a more elaborate and scientific way to dispose them off as it can leads to hazardous consequences for all concerned.

It is important for each one of us to understand how we can reduce waste and manage it better to protect our environment and have a healthier earth for a longer period of time.

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