What is hazardous waste?

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June 10, 2015
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August 18, 2015
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The daily human activities of manufacturing, production and providing goods and services to each other have had an adverse impact on our environment. A by-product of all human activity is the waste, sometimes biodegradable and most often non-biodegradable. The result is that we are adversely impacting the environment, biodiversity, flora and fauna that supports our very existence on the planet. The most worrisome aspect and a consequence of our daily services and products is the hazardous waste. These leftovers can have an adverse impact on the environment and at the same time, aggravate the risk of a potential health epidemic breakout or impact the environment to render it useless for human survival.

What makes the scrapped material a potentials hazardous garbage?

Most country’s environmental ministries have, over the years defined, listed and revised what can or could count as a potential material with an adverse, immediate impact on the environment. The governments have gone ahead and made sure that the particular identified industries and manufacturing plants that contribute to the hazardous output implement and take care of proper disposal of their rubbish. There are some very strict norms, regulations and checks in place to ensure that all the production activity, manufacturing processes are not impacting the natural ecosystem by unscrupulous dumping of non-bio-degradable and hazardous output of their activities. These companies have been made socially accountable for their profits and revenue generating activities.

Can all industries undertake proper disposal of their waste on their own?

Government has set the rules to play by, many of the NGO which are very active about environment protection also add to the increased pressure for proper removal of the waste. However, in stark reality, not many of the industry players, service providers including hospitals and manufacturing plants have the inherent ability to deal with their scrap on their own each day. It would need them to develop independent wings; department and have people working round the clock. In such a situation, to ensure that while the removal is done properly and also costs are under control, one can decide to have an external service provider do their dirty job for them.

What are your options for dumping the junk effectively and responsibly?

If your company or entrepreneur house is capable of handling the waste removal efficiently and effectively within permissible costs, nothing likes it. However, should you find yourself in a situation where you feel it might be too much of a risk to have an internal working model for waste removal , too much of a health risk to all employees, you can also hire professionals who excel at dumping the scrap in a responsible manner.

These professionals are also well versed with the local laws, how each kind of hazardous good is to be disposed, what are the permissible standards of exposure etc. The people working for them and with them are thorough professionals with knowledge and skill to deal with all kinds of rubbish and departments if the need ever be. One can rest assured that the experts are at it and you can focus your mind, attention and energy on more productive activities.

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