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August 26, 2015
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September 8, 2015
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The whole of European community has taken this waste challenge by way of which the members are laying comprehensive plans to remove the WEEE waste material from all over Europe and working on the efficient implementation of the same. The challenge was undertaken by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Direction of 2003. The directive lays down a standard amount of waste that each person should take responsibility of. The current target according to the regulation are set at four kilograms of waste per person in Europe.

What the aim?

The move is aimed at collection of all kinds of electrical waste materials and dispose them in a responsible manner. The disposal of each of the collected items is focused at recycling of as many items as possible. The most recent revision in the Directive set targets with regard to the quantum of waste that must be recycled. Currently, their goal is to recycle as much as 85% of the entire waste collected by the year 2016.

What waste is included?

There are ten main categories that are covered under the Directive. These are inclusive of Information Technology and software equipment, household appliances, machinery and tools from various industries, lighting equipment, electronics of all kinds etc.

Secondary functions:

In addition to performing primary functions of collection and disposal of WEEE waste, this directive also aims to create public awareness regarding this issue so as to encourage maximum participation at every level. All over the continent, services for collection and disposal of WEEE are being provided by professional companies.

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