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February 6, 2016
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As a business, it is your responsibility to minimize waste not just for the sake of increased profits but also for the environment. Following a practice of reuse, recycling and waste collection can be a good start for the effective waste management. There are many companies that offer Waste Removal in London to tackle the garbage from your office. Here are some steps that you can follow for successful junk removal.

Step 1 – Assess the amount of waste you produce

You can quickly evaluate the waste that you produce by assessing the waste bins before the arrival of collection truck. Note the number of bins, their size and frequency of waste collection to make a proper assessment. Once you have all the information, it will be easy to assess the amount of waste you produce.

Step 2 – Find out ways to reduce the waste

A lot of waste can be avoided by simply reducing, recycling and reusing. Look around your office and identify the stuff that can fall within these 3 categories.

Step 3 – Find a local waste collection service

There are many service providers that offer reasonable waste collection in London. You can ask for references or look online for the service that can suit your budget and handles the waste responsibly.

Step 4 – Find the most appropriate service contract

Depending upon the amount of waste you produce, the waste that can be recycled and the one that needs to be collected, you can find the most appropriate arrangement between you and the London waste collection company.

You should also encourage the cleaning department in your office to follow proper process of separating the waste. This will determine how the waste is collected from your premises. You can also encourage other businesses in your area to follow the correct waste disposal method.

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