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October 20, 2015
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November 17, 2015
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Office Junk Removal

The rubbish coming out of your office is huge and includes a lot of toxic substance such as old computers, scanners, printers, pen drives, hard discs etc. Apart from these you must also have a fairly regular amount of waste paper and paper cartons. If you are familiar with the idea of junk management and environmental protection then you must formulate a comprehensive junk removal policy for your London office.

You need not bang your head for formulating any policy, as such. In fact, you do not need to do anything. There are a number of companies in London who are specializing in office junk removal. You just need to give them a call. They will send their men who are experienced in Office Clearance in London. They sort different toxic, hazardous, reusable and recyclable items, and send them in their respective routes of disposal. Almost all the paper and cardboard items coming out of your office can be recycled. However, the toxic electronic material should be disposed of in accordance with the WEEE norms. These norms state that at least 4 Kg of material should be recovered per person per year from waste electrical and electronic material. Another way of disposing these items is handing them over to companies that refurbish these items and sell those to developing countries. This way you can even earn some cash. You just need to contact any of these office junk removal companies and sign the contract for regular disposal of garbage. They will do the job as per laid down norms for environmental protection.

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