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August 25, 2015
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The exercise to reduce waste has three aspects – buying, using and lifestyle changes. So you can reduce garbage to some extent in the supermarket itself. The next step for minimizing rubbish can be taken up at home and through changes in your lifestyle.

How to reduce waste

As the first step in the direction of reducing waste you should buy only what is needed. You can go for a juicer and fruits instead of buying packaged fruit juice each time you visit the store.

You should buy products with less packaging. This will ensure that there is less paper to dispose.

You should strive to buy reusable products. You can go for rechargeable batteries instead of single-use batteries. This will ensure that you will not need to throw away the batteries once they are used up.

Going for reusable glass containers instead of single-use plastic ones can bring down waste further.

Go for all purpose household cleaners. This will bring down the amount of waste which would have otherwise been generated if separate cleaners were bought.

Toxic products such as motor oil, pesticides and various types of cleaners cannot be reused. So you should stay away from buying toxic products as much as possible. Even if you use these you should use these entirely so that not even a drop is left in the container.

Go for recycling

Most of the products that you use domestically can be recycled. Spent batteries, brake fluid, automobile tyres, paper, plastic, tin, garden waste et al can either be recycled or made into compost.

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