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September 4, 2015
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September 14, 2015
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The increasing rate of electronic waste ending up in landfill in London is threatening the environment. Such rubbish and junks which comes out while Office Clearance Service is toxic and polluting the water, soil, flora and fauna in general. Nevertheless, almost all the parts of electronic material can be recycled. Whether it is a computer, television, scanner, printer or something else it is mostly made of metals, ferrous as well as non ferrous, glass, plastic, PVC, fiberglass etc. Other than fiberglass components almost all components can be recycled. The recycling of e waste is also made mandatory by the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipments rules. These rules state that at least 4Kg of material should be recovered per person per year. Almost 95% of all electronic waste items can be recycled.

How to recycle e waste in London

The first step in recycling such rubbish is data destruction. Entrenched data in removable as well as fixed data storage media such as hard disks, USB drives, removable discs etc need to be destroyed before the equipment is taken over by a third party. Most recycling companies will destroy the data with secure algorithms to ensure that data cannot be retrieved from the storage media.

Recycling services

It is not possible for a household or a business manager to handle the job of recycling e waste independently owing to the diversity of material as well as their routes of recycling. You should call upon a recycling company to sort out all such junk in your premises. They will do the job efficiently, quickly, with least harm to the environment and at low cost.

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