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July 20, 2015
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Waste Collection

Collection of junk and garbage is a hassle in the city of London. There are a number of laws and bye laws governing waste collection London. Moreover, the laws may be different for different councils and boroughs in the city. This sometimes makes waste collection difficult. You may be left with your old mattress, bed, television set or refrigerator for weeks or even more. There are different sets of rules for electronic items, toxic items, hazardous items, recyclable items, compostable items etc. It is not possible for a household or even a commercial entity to keep track of all the rules and bye laws. Those who are authorized by council are bound by various rules. With them you will get junk removal once a week only. Moreover, the scope of collection is limited owing to constraints of time, amount and variety of garbage. If you have a sofa bed to dispose off you need to tie down the springs. If you have sharp objects to dispose off you need to keep them in cardboard containers and label them accordingly. Overall, it is a hassle prone job.

The best thing for you is to hand over the task of garbage collection to a third party like us. We take all the pains, collect garbage from households and business premises, and dispose them in accordance with existing rules. You can go about your work or occupation while we take care of the garbage collection and disposal. Many people in London are not available at home from 8 am to 6 pm. If you too are one of them then we can arrange a weekend collection for you. We can even come and load the garbage early morning or late evening.

Commercial garbage

Commercial garbage has a lot of variety. Simple paper and other garbage of daily occurrence may need to be lifted on a daily basis owing to the huge volume. This is especially true for hotels, restaurants and premises undergoing refurbishment or renovation. The waste from certain offices, restaurants and renovation sites need to be lifted daily so that work is not hampered. Just give us a call and our men will be there. They will load all the garbage onto waiting vans and drive off your premises for suitable disposal. Business may also have time constraints. So if you need  collection of garbage from your business premises every day or a certain day every week at 5 am we can do that.


After loading all the rubbish onto the van our people will sweep the entire area clean. Moreover, if you have any electronic or electrical item to dispose then we will do that for free. We may not charge for WEEE waste items like old refrigerator, computer monitor, scanner, printer etc. We also do not charge for parking or congestion charge.


We charge light items by volume and bulky items like rubble and soil by weight.


Booking for our services can be done online by filling up a form. You have to enter your name, email address, select services and contact number. You can also contact us over phone.

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