Eco Friendly Measures for Clearance of rubbish

Benefits of Waste Recycling
Benefits of Waste Recycling
December 19, 2015
Perfect Solution for Collection of Business waste
Perfect Solution for Collection of Business waste
January 8, 2016
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Tips for Eco-friendly methods of Rubbish Clearance

The spread of landfills resulting in pollution of soil and underground water resources and pollution of air caused by burning of rubbish calls for eco-friendly measures for rubbish clearance. Being eco friendly means being friendly to the environment and for this you must adopt ways of rubbish clearance that affect the environment in the least harmful ways.

Zero landfill

Putting a stop to or reducing landfill is the objective of nations and governments. Landfill is the oldest form of waste disposal, and its spread is now threatening the environment and mankind with dire consequences. To adopt eco friendly ways the first thought that should occur in your mind is adopting a zero landfill policy. For this you must stress on reuse and recycle.


Almost everything that comes out of offices and households can be recycled. This includes hazardous material like spent battery, used motor oil, insect repellant bottles and toxic electronic and electrical waste. Send all the paper, plastic, and metal scrap and bottles to respective recycling centers.


There are items in households that can be recycled. Things like plastic water bottles, glass jars etc can be made use of in decoration, inside or outside the house. While plastic water bottles can serve as lamp shade, glass jars can serve as aquarium in your drawing room.

Special waste

Collection and carriage of special products such as asbestos and some chemicals and hazardous liquids needs to be done as per laid down guidelines lest these products should harm the environment and public health.

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