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February 22, 2016
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March 14, 2016
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Office waste needs to be tackled in a much more organized way, as compared to your homes. You need to start planning the waste removal in phases and hire a Rubbish Collection service in London that is not only reliable but also handles your office waste and its disposal in a legal manner.

The best way to handle any kind of waste is to either reduce it or recycle it. This makes more sense in a commercial environment as 80% of the waste created is either recyclable or reusable in some way. If not, you always have the option of hiring rubbish clearance in London. However, before you call in professionals, here are some tips that will help you manage and reduce your office waste considerably.

  1. Be smart about printing office paper is recyclable in most cases but printing something just for the heck of it is a real waste of so many resources. Imagine, the lesser paper you print, the lesser waste you have in the end! After all, big bags of garbage mean pricier garbage collection in London. If you must absolutely print, at least do so in black & white and use the double-side print option.
  1. Place recycling boxes on each desk you can encourage recycling by placing the boxes right next to every desk. Throwing away paper will only mean more unmanageable waste in the end. Instead, educate employees to avoid waste and reuse wherever they can. If not, there is always a recycle bin!
  1. Don’t just throw, analyze first before you throw way stuff in large volumes, analyze it and see if it can be reused in anyway.

Once you are sure that all the items in your waste bin belong nowhere else, it is time to call a waste collection service in London to take the junk off your hands!

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