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September 14, 2015
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Bulky waste collection is a special kind of service that helps you get rid of huge household items which are not possible to discard through the regular waste removal.

This service is mostly offered by a council of the city or even specialized service providers who help in removal of large and bulky waste like furniture, appliances etc from your home or office.

If you need a commercial service provider for the collection of your items, you will need a company that has the requisite waste disposal license. It is important to ensure that these service providers are fully compliant with the local laws before you hire them for collection of bulky waste.

Tips to prepare for collection

  • For the items to be collected by the collection company, leave all the items from the trash collected.
  • All the items should be near the regular bin collection point where they can be easily reached.
  • There should be sufficient space for the company vehicles who will arrive to collect the bulky waste
  • Remove all the sharp nails from old furniture.
  • If you have glass items, make sure that they are in their frames or at least taped over

It is important for the homeowners to make the waste accessible to the collectors so that they do not have to enter your property. Only leave those items outside that you booked for collection.

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