Benefits of Waste Recycling

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November 24, 2015
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January 8, 2016
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Benefits of Waste Recycling

Waste recycling is showing new ways in negating or minimizing the risk of increasing rubbish collection on public health and the environment as a whole. Increasing spread of civilization and consequent increase in consumption is leading to increase in the generation and disposal of waste in the environment. More and more trees are being felled to make more and more paper. More and more raw material is being excavated to produce new products. This is making a two pronged attack on the environment. On the one hand the earth is losing the capacity to absorb green house gases due to felling of forests and rubbish collection in water bodies. On the other hand increasing consumption is generating increasing amount of waste. The civilization is poised on crossroads of destruction and development. However, waste reuse and recycling can save us from the hazards of unbridled development and consumption.

Slows down felling of trees

These days most of the newspaper and cardboard packing boxes are recycled. This means that the need for felling new trees and procuring other organic and inorganic material for manufacture of paper is minimized.

Less fossil fuel

Plastic is derived from petroleum. Petroleum is burnt and plastic is obtained as a component. For more plastic you need to burn more fossil fuel, which will lead to more pollution. Plastic itself is a bane of this civilization because it is notorious for blocking sewage, drains and other exit and entry points of water. Though complete replacement of plastic has not become possible till now, recycling plastic junk can obviously reduce the need to burn more fossil fuel and produce more plastic material.

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