About Us

With increasing garbage and its effects telling on the environment it has become imminent to manage junk in a responsible way so that the Frankenstein of garbage does not turn up on its creator. This has lead to evolution of simple garbage synchronization and disposal into garbage management.

Waste Management

It refers to the whole gamut of evolving the garbage optimally, disposing them in separate disposal routes for different types of junk, avoiding landfills, incinerating hazardous waste such as medical waste etc. We are a waste management company in London since 2009.

Our services
We offer the whole gamut of waste management in London. We amass material discarded from domestic as well as commercial units and industrial establishments, and dispose them suitably so that the load on the environment is minimized.
We assemble all kinds of junk and that includes material discarded from gardens, garages, offices, hotels and restaurants.

This is a major thrust area for us since recycling can ensure that discarded material is reused for production of other material. This also saves energy and brings down the requirement of mining and tree felling.

A good example of this is paper. Almost all the junk paper can be recycled to produce paper cartons, boxes, containers and other utilities. All the newspaper, paper containers, wrappers etc can be recycled.
Garden waste such as dried twigs, leaves, trimmed branches etc can be made into compost for use in the garden. This will do away with the necessity of using artificial manure for your garden and also save the environment from pollution.

Glass and plastic can also be recycled to a large extent. All the glass and plastic bottles, containers, carry bags and other material can be recycled to form new items.

Our contribution
As a waste management company in London since 2009 we strive to recycle waste products to the maximum extent and dispose the rest in a responsible manner in accordance with various rules such as WEEE for toxic products.